"Upholding Devotion to the Standards and Dignity of the Engineering Profession"

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The Pledge of the Computing Professional is a new organization to promote the notion of computing as a recognized profession at the time of graduation for students in Computer Science and related programs.
Upcoming Events
6:00 pm Ring Ceremony @ Connelly Center, Villanova University
Ring Ceremony @ Connelly Center, Villanova University
Feb 17 @ 6:00 pm
Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony for local engineers and Villanova engineering seniors.
6:30 pm Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony @ Mitchell Hall
Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony @ Mitchell Hall
Feb 18 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
College of Engineering Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony
5:00 pm Order of the Engineer @ DeRosa University Center, University of the Pacific
Order of the Engineer @ DeRosa University Center, University of the Pacific
Feb 18 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Each February, the School of Engineering and Computer Science holds the Pledge of Professionalism Ceremony, which includes the Pacific Link of the Order of the Engineer Ceremony for engineers and the Computing Professional Pledge Ceremony[...]
5:30 pm Order of the Engineer Mines @ Colorado School of Mines Ballrooms
Order of the Engineer Mines @ Colorado School of Mines Ballrooms
Apr 6 @ 5:30 pm
Graduates of Mines for spring 2020
5:30 pm Milwaukee School of Engineering ... @ MSOE Kern Center
Milwaukee School of Engineering ... @ MSOE Kern Center
May 22 @ 5:30 pm
This will be the Ring Ceremony for MSOE students and alumni graduating in the Spring of 2020.

New York

Clarkson University613/1/1979Craig Merrett, Assistant Professor
PO Box 5725
8 Clarkson Ave.
Potsdam, NY 13699
Telephone: (315) 268-6580
Fax: (315) 268-6695
E-Mail: cmerrett@clarkson.edu
The Cooper Union645/19/1980Brian Cusack
Director of Campus Enterprise Applications,
Adjunct Professor
7 East 7th Street, Building 41CS Room 204
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: (212) 353-4288
Fax/Alt: (212) 353-4341
E-Mail: cusack2@cooper.edu
Brandee Sharma
Telephone: (212) 353-4288
E-Mail: brandee.sharma@cooper.edu
Huntington Chapter WYSPE69INACTIVE
Manhattan College705/20/1982Jeanette Brown, Research Assistant Professor
Manhattan College, Leo Engineering
Building 3825 Corlear Ave
Bronx, NY 10463
Telephone: (203) 309-8768
E-Mail: jeanette.brown@manhattan.edu
SUNY Maritime College723/24/1983Deborah Fountain-Toomer
Engineering Department
6 Pennyfield Avenue
Fort Schuyler, Bronx, NY 10465
Telephone: (718) 409-7411
Fax/Alt: (718) 409-7421
E-Mail: dtoomer@sunymaritime.edu
SUNY at Stony Brook77INACTIVE
Erie/Niagara Chap NYSSPE78INACTIVE
The New York State SPE806/9/1984Jennifer Miller, Director of Programs
6 Airline Dr., Ste. 114
Albany, NY 12205
Telephone: (518) 283-7490
E-Mail: jamiller@nysspe.org
Queens County Chapter NYSSPE84INACTIVE
SUNY Binghamton8811/11/1986Jason Gilbert
Senior Mechanical Eng/Adjunct Lecturer
Physical Facilities Dept.
4400 Vestal Parkway East
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
Telephone: (607) 777-2240
E-Mail: gilbert@binghamton.edu
Syracuse University964/21/1988Kathryn Pynn,
Director, Student Porgrams
College of Engr. & Comp. Science
223 Link Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1240
Telephone: (315) 443-2582
Fax/Alt: (315) 443-1065
E-Mail: krpynn@syr.edu
Pratt Institute98INACTIVE
SUNY-CESF1005/5/1988Douglas Daley or Teri Frese
State University of New York ESF
402 Baker Lab
Syracuse, NY 13210
Telephone: (315) 470-4760
Fax/Alt: (315) 470-6958
E-mail: djdaley@esf.edu
Union College1052/22/1989Lisa Galeo
Electrical & Computer Science Eng.
Steinmetz Hall, Room 210
Schenectady NY 12308
Telephone: (518) 388-6270
Fax/Alt: (518) 388-6789
E-mail: galeol@union.edu
The City College of New York1536/1/1995Dr. Ardie Walser, Associate Dean
The Grove School of Engineering
160 Convent Ave
Shepard Hall, Room 162
New York, NY 10031
Telephone: (212) 650-8020
Fax/Alt: (212) 650-8090
E-mail: walser@ccny.cuny.edu
Rochester Institute of Technology1641996Dr. Venessa Mitchell, Director of ECCO Center
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
77 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
Telephone: (585) 475-2162
Fax/Alt: (585) 475-6879
E-Mail: vmmeme@rit.edu
Rochester Meliora Link2029/17/2003David J. Quesnel, Professor Mech. Eng.
& Materials Science
University of Rochester
Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Science
220 Hopeman Hall
Rochester, NY 14627-0132
Telephone: (585) 275-5215
Fax: (585) 256-2509
E-Mail: quesnel@me.rochester.edu
Donna Johnson
West Point2134/22/2004Kenneth W. McDonald, Ph.D., P.E., AICP LTC, EN, Assistant Professor
Department of Systems Engineering Bldg 752, Mahan Hall
West Point, NY 10996
Telephone: (845) 938-4752
Fax: (845) 938-5522
E-Mail: kenneth.mcdonald@usma.edu
Cornell University2211/3/2005Amanda Huang
Cornell American Society of Civil Engineers
220 Hollister Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850
Telephone: (607) 242-2738
E-Mail: ash263@cornell.edu
University at Buffalo, SUNY 2334/15/2006Chelsea Montrois
School of Eng. & Applied Sciences
242 Ketter Hall
4120 Bonner Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Telephone: (716) 645-4374
Fax/Alt: (716) 645-2495
E-Mail: cmontroi@buffalo.edu
Christine Human
E-Mail: chuman@buffalo.edu
National Academy of Building2485/25/2008David Carlysle, PE
Inspection EngineersPO Box 860
Shelter Island, NY 11964-0860
Telephone: 800) 294-7729
Fax/Alt: (800) 294-7729
E-Mail: criteriumcarlysle@att.net
Columbia University2584/12/2009Marco Castaldi, Professor
SW Mudd Room 926-B 500 W. 120th St.
Mail Code 4711
New York, NY 10027
Telephone: (212) 854-6390
Fax/Alt: (212) 854-7081
E-Mail: mc2352@colombia.edu
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute3014/13/2016Dr. Christopher Letchford
Dept. Head of Civil & Environmental Engineer
97 14th Street, 2nd Floor
Troy, NY 12180-3590
Telephone: (216) 210-4058
E-Mail: letchc@rpi.edu
SUNY New Paltz3125/21/2017Reena Dahle, Ph.D. 
State University New York New Paltz
Division of the Engineering Programs
REH 202 – 1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561-2443
Telephone: (845) 257-3881
E-Mail: dahler@newpaltz.edu
American Institute of Chemical Engineers31610/28/2018Dr. Darlene Schuster
AlChE Chapter
120 Wall Street (FL 23)
New York, NY 10005-4020
Telephone: (800) 242-4363
Fax/Alt: (203) 775-5177
E-Mail: darls@aiche.org